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The Healthy Collective.

We exist to build healthy communities...
because "it’s good to be healthy."

Who are The Healthy Collective?

Our Networks

The Healthy Collective brings together health and wellness sectors into one unified membership network for individuals, practitioners and organisations.

Our Networks

Healthy Business Group

Supporting the Healthy Collective's Network is a suite of services, tailored to assist your business operations.
Our expert team provide you with access to a range of services, including: payroll, bookkeeping, IT support, HR support, marketing, procurement and business improvement.

Business Services

Healthy Care Services

Healthy Care Services creates and facilitates sustainable solutions to deliver better health outcomes for your clients.
It supports health professionals to improve their practices and improve inter-disciplinary synergies under a single point of governance; to optimise patient outcomes and value in primary care, aged care, disability and more.

Care Services

Healthy Ventures

The advantage of using The Healthy Collective to manage projects and ventures is the extensive network that can be included in concept design, feedback, trial and full implementation stages; including health practitioners, professionals, government departments, commercial and not-for-profit organisations, patients and consumers.

Projects & Ventures

What is ‘Healthy Retail’ and how can it help you as a pharmacy owner?

It is important to us that pharmacy owners know they are not alone in running their business, we at Healthy Retail are there for them.

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The five main health pillars of The Healthy Collective – Corporate and Workplace Health and Wellness

Tips to nurture and nourish the health and wellness of your body and mind in the workplace.

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60 day dispensing – What you need to know (including how it impacts aged care)

Recently the Australian Government announced a new measure to save money on supply of medicines – known as the 60-day dispensing measure. This blog examines the key facts, including how it will affect you.

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Healthy Living Precincts

Adelaide’s community and lifestyle focused hub. Healthy Living Precincts are collaborative spaces where like-minded people come together.

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Healthy Practitioner Network

The Healthy Practitioner Network is about improving health through collaboration between practitioners.
Making health holistic.

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Healthy Collective

We build healthy communities through partnerships that create consistent, transparent, and accessible healthcare solutions. Contact us to learn more.

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