Healthy Living Precincts

Healthy Living Precincts (HLPs) are collaborative spaces where people with a passion for health, wellness and purpose come together.

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The Healthy Living Precincts are large co-located facilities where health practitioners, lifestyle support workers, trainers and educators work together for the benefit of participant organisations, communities and individuals.

In addition to being tenanted by health professionals, they are also open to the public where they can consume healthy food and beverages, use our co-working facilities, shop for local products, participate in seminars around topical areas of interest, as well as hire areas for professional or private events.

Our first Healthy Living Precinct is located in Welland, South Australia, however we are currently connecting with other spaces that would like to encompass the Healthy Living Precinct constructs and values, so that we can spread the same focus and expertise in multiple areas across South Australia.

We are proud that the first of many Healthy Living Precincts support inclusivity, and some of the many ways that we do this is by ensuring that the location and space itself is ageing and disability friendly, as well as actively working to promote physical, psychological and social needs and wellbeing.

If you would like to obtain more information about The Healthy Living Precinct Welland event spaces that we have available, contact our Event Coordinator, Britt Gearen.